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Virtual Staging


tons of furniture sets,

choose your style.


24-48 hour

turnaround time. 


spend 95% less

than physical staging.

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Virtual Renovation


turn any room into

anything you want.


help buyers see

what could be.

low cost

showcase the renovation

potential without the cost.

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Commercial Spaces


turn your space

into something practical.


transform your space

to suite your target buyer.


the potential in a way

they can visualize.

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Virtual Twilights


give your home

the "wow" it needs.


set your listing

apart from others.


no more scheduling

around weather and sunsets.

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The Benefits of Going Virtual:

Home Staging, Renovation & Remodeling, Twilights

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is the most cost-effective way to provide potential buyers with a glimpse of a room's potential. We customize our virtual staging to fit the style of the space you're working with. We can even stage a room multiple ways. We give you the benefits of home staging at a fraction of the cost. We can stage one room in multiple ways to showcase the buyer's options. You can pick the furniture you like, or let our designers pick it for you. With virtual staging, your options are endless.

Let’s face it – not everyone is going to love your seller’s style the same way they do. When it comes to selling a home, you need to find that perfect mix between homey and “anything is possible.” That’s where virtual staging comes in. Traditional home stagers are expensive… but now you can reap the benefits of virtual home staging (namely, a quicker sale at a higher price) without hurting your wallet.

With many home buyers starting their house hunting search online, their first impression of a home is the pictures they see of it. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in real estate a picture can be worth thousands of dollars. A picture is what entices that buyer to come tour your home and put an offer on it. If they don’t like the photos, guess what – they’re probably not going to come in person, either. Your home needs to stand out from the other seller’s home, and virtual home staging will do the trick. 

Virtual staging shows potential in the room that the buyer hasn’t noticed. You don’t want your buyers doing a ton of guesswork about a room’s purpose or functionality; you want them picturing themselves in their new home. If that buyer can see the potential of a space because of a virtually staged image, they won’t get hung up on a weird layout or a small floor area… increasing your chances of getting a better offer.


Numerous studies show that staging a home does in fact help a home sell faster.

Virtual Renovation

Take that 1970's inspired master bath and bring it into the 21st century. Renovate a communal living space with different flooring, wall color, perhaps an addition (or removal) of a fireplace. Show how repairs to wall or floor damage would look. Create a mini office kitchen and break room area in a big open space. 


As for virtual renovation - that remodel you've dreamed of but can't afford? The sky’s the limit with virtual renovation. Physical remodeling isn't always an option, especially if you're looking for a quick sale. You probably don't have time to remodel that kitchen, basement, bathroom... or whatever else. Virtual renovation, on the other hand, is not only easy on your wallet but is also an amazing way to encourage buyers to look beyond the current reality and see what it could be. You can help them renovate it in their mind, without the cost or time of a real remodel.

A home office? A mother-in-law-suite? A game room and entertainment center, perhaps? Remodel it however you like! That's the beauty of going virtual, really.


Buyers love to dream about making a house their own - renovating, remodeling and staging do wonders for helping buyers envision the potential.

Commercial Virtual Staging & Renovation

The same goes for commercial spaces. It's not always easy to envision a commercial space in a different capacity... a retail store could be used as an office, or an old warehouse could be turned into a care facility. Your potential commercial buyers might need a little help envisioning their business in your space. Commercial virtual staging and commercial virtual renovation are by far the most cost effective way to showcase that potential. You name it, we can virtually stage and renovate it.


Physical staging or remodeling for a commercial space is often impractical, not to mention extremely costly. Virtual staging and virtual renovation can give you the benefit of visualization without the insane cost of staging or remodeling a commercial space. You might want to target buyers who have a different type of business than what that space was used for previously, or you might want to spruce up a "blah" area... and now you can, easily.

Virtual Twilight Photography

Last but not least, virtual twilight photography (sometimes referred to as "day to dusk") is a much faster and more practical approach to twilight photography (not to mention, way less expensive). You need that affordable "wow" effect, and you know that twilight lighting is really the way to go. But you don't have the time to deal with the hassle of scheduling a dusk twilight photography shoot, and who wants to plan around weather and sunset time? 


We can take your photo and give it that special glow and twilight lighting effect, virtually. So you can make that day to dusk twilight impression you need, with literally no effort spent.

Give us a call today to see how we can help your bottom line. (We're real people, and we pick up the phone.) ...(301) 788-8871

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